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EBMAA was founded in 1998 and the client base has grown consistently since then.

EBMAA is a boutique medical bureau in that our clients’ requirements are carefully documented and each practice is managed accordingly.

Over the years we have gained valuable experience in the management of medical claims.  We are specialists in our field and between our 60 staff members; we have more than 280 years’ worth of experience in this industry.  We evaluate our processes continuously and are always striving to improve our systems.  Quality control is very important to us and we have many checks and balances in place.


The cash flow of our clients is of the utmost importance to us and in our experience, administrative functions are often neglected which could have an adverse effect on a practice.  We are obsessive about following-up on unpaid claims.

Managing the business side of a practice is a time consuming and frustrating part of the profession and leads to stress.  We invite you to experience a professional level of service, providing the quality and thoroughness that is important to our clients.

The company is dedicated to the needs of our clients and we strive to be a seamless extension of our clients’ business operations.

EBMAA renders a cost effective service and you can manage your overhead expenses with our fee structure that is directly related to your income.  You do not need to employ staff to manage your accounts and therefore avoid the accompanying responsibilities such as recruiting, contracts, labour disputes, absenteeism, statutory requirements, motivation and training.

Specialised operational work structures, policies and procedures, training manuals, software set-ups, staff incentive structures and management reports are all in place.

Our staff is goal orientated and target driven.


The secret to our success is the correct coding of claims and effective credit control. We believe in honesty, transparency and integrity whether we deal with clients, patients or guarantors.

Apart from our administration and software license fee, there are no unpleasant unexpected costs.

About Us


Our aim is to get a claim paid in the shortest possible time 

Our services include the following:

Data capturing

Invoicing of claims

Providing advice on coding and pricing structures

Providing clients with an audit trail of all invoices and credit notes

Submitting claims electronically to medical schemes

Submitting claims to other guarantors as required

Emailing or posting statements to guarantors

Processing of receipts

Credit control

Handling of queries

Providing advice on price lists

Providing estimates or quotes to patients

Assistance with drafting  ‘Information Regarding Rates’ and

‘Informed Consent’ letters and all other practice documents,

to ensure compliance with current legislation

Registering of banking details with medical schemes

Reconciling deposits with bank statements


Providing monthly status reports


Our Services


Years in Operation



25 - 29

Average Debtor Days

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are your clients?

Medical specialists and GP Anaesthetists.

What disciplines do you cater for?


General Surgery


Orthopaedic Surgery

Physicians – including Nephrology, Pulmonology, Urology, Paediatrics and Cardiology

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Neuro Surgery

Do you cater for GP’s and allied professionals?

Unfortunately not.

How does a practitioner submit new claims to EBMAA?

Deliver to our offices in Fontainebleau, Randburg;

Collection by our driver (in the greater Johannesburg area only);

Email; and Fax

How do you determine your fees?

EBMAA will bill a client a percentage of the receipts (not invoices) minus reversals and refunds, processed in a month.  

Who is responsible for the software license fee?

The practitioner.

Do you have a minimum fee?

Yes, to avoid paying a minimum fee; the practitioner needs to earn approximately R20 000.00 per month from his private practice.

Are there any other monthly costs?

No, EBMAA carries all expenses, such as:  salaries, computers, EDI, telephones, printing, IT, etc.

What is your collection rate?

Our average collection rate is 95% of turnover within 28 days.

What is your bad debt rate?

Approximately 4% of turnover is handed over to Executive Debt Collectors CC for collection.  Some of the practices we administrate have a bad debt rate of less than 1% of turnover.

What percentage is written off as discount?

Approximately 3% of turnover.

What rate should I bill the claims at?

Clients need to advise EBMAA at what rate a claim should be billed at and may provide us with a personal price list or we can help you with a generic one.  Our software can accommodate any rate.

Do you have a billing or tick sheet?

EBMAA designed a number of generic tick sheets and we can design one to the individual requirements of a practice.

Do you administrate IOD claims?

Yes.  We will liaise with external service providers if the practice has entered into any contracts.

What is the duration of a contact?

EBMAA requires 3 months notice to terminate the contract.

How is the company structured?

EBMAA has 3 Directors and 3 senior managers to oversee the operational side of the business.   The following departments each have a unit manager plus 3 – 6 team members:  Admittances (or data capturing); Billing; Receipts and Reconciliations; IOD and Foreign plus Finance.  Our call centre consists of 16 credit controllers with 4 managers and two senior quality controllers.


How soon will my claims be submitted?

In terms of our contract EBMAA has 6 business days to submit claims to medical schemes, provided the client submits new claims every week.  In practice though, our turnaround time is much faster.

Will you reconcile the receipts processed with the deposits into my bank account?

Yes, we will.  Clients are requested to provide us with their bank statements in csv format.  It is also possible to create viewing rights for EBMAA with certain banks.

Why does the total amount of deposits (receipts) processed by EBMAA not match that on my bank statement?

When we capture receipts, EBMAA uses the date when the transaction was captured to draw reports, rather than the date that the deposit reflects in your bank account.  The reason why we do this is because the correct deposit date does not reflect on remittance advices.


Our policy is to process a receipt the moment we receive proof thereof.  EBMAA uses ERA'S (electronic remittance advices) which are processed daily.


EBMAA has a team of reconciliation clerks who will reconcile the previous month's deposits with your bank statements.  If we have your bank statements in electronic format – the reconciliation is a relatively straightforward electronic process.  If we receive bank statements in PDF or hard copy, this process is done by hand.  Should we pick up any deposits that do not reflect in the bank account, the transaction will be reversed.  Because our administration fee is calculated as a percentage of all receipts, it may mean that you are overcharged in one month, but once the transaction is reversed, our fee is automatically adjusted.


We usually run our month-end procedures on the 25th of a month.  Our reports are generated to include transactions from the 26th of the previous month to the 25th of the following month.  It may happen that we receive proof of a deposit made in a previous month and the opposite can also happen - we may have processed a remittance advice in one month, but the deposit may only reflect in your bank a day or two later. 


Do you provide me with reports?

Yes, we provide a complete audit trail of invoices, credit notes and receipts as well as a summary of all journals.   In addition, we provide an age analysis and movement summary as well as a debtor’s control report.  Clients may request any report in any format as and when required.

What happens to unpaid claims?

Delinquent accounts are handed over to Executive Debt Collectors CC or your own preferred collector.

Do you administer foreign claims?


Do you provide a list of medical scheme benefits on the individual plans?

Yes we do - usually at the beginning of each year.


Estelle Bouwer

Non-Executive Director

Nicolene Edwards


Alet Pearson


Ilze Beukes

Human Resources Manager

Our Team


I’ve handed over my outstanding accounts to Estelle Bouwer since 2009.  Ever since they have been managing my practice accounts and my bad debt rate dropped to less than 5% and cash flow has not been a worry for a single day.  It is easy for us and patients alike to communicate with the team and we are kept up to date on all fronts with clear and concise communications.

My auditors wish they could have all their professional clients’ accounts managed by Estelle Bouwer Medical Accounts Administrators

Dr C. B.

Gynaecologist & Obstetritian

I have used EBMAA for over a year now and I have been extremely happy with them.

I was very concerned moving into the private sector that I would battle with billing and accounts but they have really streamlined the process for me.

They are very professional and are always available to chat to regarding any billing concern I have.

I am very impressed with their team and knew they had a fantastic approach when I very first met Estelle, Angie and Terence on Day 1!

I would highly recommend EBMAA to any professional.

Dr S. T.

GP Anaesthetist

I have been a client of EBMAA for nearly 19 years, and I am very satisfied with their service. They are well organised, and handle queries in a friendly and efficient manner. 

Estelle is always available to help if one needs to speak to her. 

Having EBMAA take care of my accounts  have really made my life a lot easier. 

I will recommend them to anyone.


Dr C. T.

Specialist Anaesthesiologist

EBMAA has managed my practice since I qualified as a specialist anaesthesiologist. Their professionalism with both me and my patients is commendable. Estelle and team are always approachable and available to assist with all administrative aspects relating to my practice. I am guaranteed to consistently receive current, well-informed advice from the team. It has been a pleasure to work with EBMAA.

Dr C. V. 

Specialist Anaesthesiologist

If you’re looking for professionalism, trustworthiness, continuous feedback,  promptness, accurate handling and record keeping of all your billing preferences, I highly recommend EBMAA. For the past 3 and a half years, I can honestly say that I never had to worry once about any part in the process of handling my accounts. They deliver an all-in-one service, from start to finish, without me having to intervene at any point. They are really like family, always ready to assist, with a smile, and cup of coffee ready when you drop by. 
Thank you EBMAA for providing me with excellent service. They are truly capable, and definitely deserve the highest praise. 

Dr I. vd. W

GP Anaesthetist

EBMAA has been handling my private anaesthetic practice accounts for over ten years. I am very happy with the way that my patient’s accounts are calculated, submitted, followed up and payments are deposited. The whole process is clearly documented with a good accounting program and there are regular reports so that I can easily follow the process. The staff are always courteous and most willing to help sort out any situation. They are well trained, understand the intricacies of the medical aids, the aspects of private and of foreign patients. Since I have been with EBMAA I have been liberated from the stresses of the financial side of my practice. I have been saved making repeated phone calls to patients and medical aids, working out accounts and checking up on patient’s medical aid details. I find it a great benefit to be able to phone or email them to work out an urgent on the spot quotation / account. My turnover increased and my bad debts have become minimal. I can highly recommend EBMAA as an efficient accounting service.

Dr C. O.

Specialist Anaesthesiologist

I have been using the services of EBMAA since 2000 . Satisfied customer !​

Dr F. T.

Specialist Anaesthesiologist

Estelle and her team at EBMAA have been handling my anaesthetic accounts for about 15 years. I have always found them to be trustworthy, efficient, friendly and approachable regarding any problems or  queries that may arise. The staff at EBMAA are hard-working, professional and communicate all concerns or information relevant to my practice timeously. Majozi the driver collects my accounts without fail. I find that I do not stress at all about my accounts and payments coming in. The accounting, annual financial statements and Vat information that are provided are a huge help in managing my Vat and Tax returns. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Dr T. B.

Specialist Anaesthesiologist

I ended up in Gauteng 12 years ago, alienated, after 21 years in a large partnership in the Free State, where all administration was done by practitioner personnel.

The best advice I received was to make an appointment with Estelle. Thank you for 12 years' friendly, effective and thorough management of my practice's administration.

Dr E. E. 

Specialist Anaesthesiologist

I have utilised the services of EBMAA as my billing company since entering the daunting world of private practice 5 years ago. I am primarily a doctor. I'm a businessman only by necessity. EBMAA manage my business, freeing me up to concentrate on what I spent so many years training to do. Highly professional, unrivaled availability and day to day support, achieving consistently low rates of bad debt. For those of you entering private practice, or those who find yourself snowed under with administration, EBMAA is your key to peace of mind.

Dr R. L.

Specialist Anaesthesiologist

I have been a client of EBMAA for 20 years. Their consistent, sober and professional service has allowed me to focus on delivering the best possible care to my patients, free from concerns about the administration of my practice. They offer a reassuring level of administrative professionalism to my patients. They provide me with turnkey financial reporting - making VAT and tax returns simple.

Dr A. B.

Specialist Anaesthesiologist

Since establishing my private practice as specialist anaesthetist more than a decade ago, I have been utilising the services of EBMAA. EBMAA grew with my practice and over the years have assisted me on focusing on what is important for me, giving professional treatment to my patients, while they managed the administrative backbone. Their efficient service saved me all the head aches associated with the administration of a professional practice.

Dr P. A.

Specialist Anaesthesiologist

I have been using EBMAA billing services for the past 4 years . Prior to that I was utilizing the services of another company that did not meet my expectations. Over the past four years we have built a wonderful working relationship. If there ever are queries or misunderstandings these are attended to swiftly . Their staff members that I have worked with along the way have  always been very helpful, courteous and well informed. This level of professionalism displayed across all staff levels is indicative of the high work ethic that EBMAA aspires to. I can be confident that with EBMAA they will always manage my accounts in the best possible manner.

Dr R. S.

GP Anaesthetist

Happy Clients


Our Address

79 Charlie Street

Fontainebleau, Randburg, 2194


 Tel: 011 801 0500/0533

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday  07:30 – 16:30

Friday  07:30 - 15:30

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